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Item # 476
138,45 EUR
 CLEAN 9 Pak includes:
Forever Aloe Vera Gel® - (2) Botellas de 1 litro
Forever Lite Ultra® Shake Mix - Vainilla o Chocolate
Forever Garcinia Plus® - 54 Cápsulas de gelatina
Forever Fiber™ - 9 Sobres de 6.1 g
Forever Therm™ - 18 Tabletas
Gifts: Measuring tape and Shaker.
(Gifts in terms of stocks)



  The CLEAN 9 program helps to start and accelerate the

path to becoming a slimmer person
and healthy.This program of cleansing 9 days
is effective and easy to use and provides the tools
necessary to begin transforming your body today

*literature and documentation in Spanish
Gifts: Measuring tape and Shaker.
(Gifts in terms of stocks)