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23/01/2019 15:40:08
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Forever Aloe Bits n’ Peaches™

Item # 077
371.79 ZAR
1 litre bottle



Forever Aloe Bits n' Peaches™ provides another great way to enjoy 100% stabilized Aloe Vera Gel™ with just a touch of natural peach flavour and peach concentrate. A taste sensation like no other, it contains pure bits of Aloe Vera, bathed in the flavour of sun-ripened peaches.

For many centuries, people all around the world have used Aloe Vera for its health benefits. The addition of peaches provides carotenoids – valuable as antioxidants and for maintaining the proper function of the immune system.

Forever Aloe Bits n' Peaches™ offers many heathful ingredients – all packed into a great-tasting drink. Pour over ice or mix with fruit juice, and enjoy the delightful taste of nature's bounty any time of the day!

• All the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel™
• Solid chunks of pure Aloe Vera
• Refreshing, fruity taste
• Children love it!

60ml - 100ml daily taken preferably before meals. This can be increased to 240ml daily.

Shake bottle well before use. Refrigerate after opening.

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